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Algeria's Billion Dollar Healthcare Investment Plan

7 April, 2017 - ​Source: International Trade & Development

Despite a ban passed in 2009, which was expanded in 2015, on the importation of pharmaceuticals with “equivalents” that can be produced domestically, the healthcare sector continues to be a relatively attractive market. The demand for medical equipment and disposals is considerable and depends largely on imported goods.


The new construction worth US$ 262bn throughout Algeria over the next decade of 172 public hospitals, 377 private clinics, 45 specialized heath units and 70 centers focusing on people with disabilities will increase demand for medical equipment and supplies, as well as medical construction services. Algerians increasingly turn to private clinics for outpatient care. Opportunities will increase for the design and management of such facilities and for sales of cutting-edge diagnostics and treatment equipment. Cosmetic surgery is not yet common, but consumer interest is rising.

Algerians are increasingly conscious of cutting-edge medical services, such as laser corrective eye surgeries, panoramic dental radiology, and plastic surgery. European technology and products are often perceived as high quality.

  • Medical equipment and supplies, including diagnostics, imagery and laboratory equipment

  • Hospital and outpatient clinic design and construction services

  • Hospital and medical office administration software and solutions

  • Low-intensity cosmetic surgery