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Algeria's Healthcare Project Report

1 juillet 2018

Oxford Business Group, BNC Network, Ventures Online

Algeria's healthcare sector remains one of the most buoyant in North Africa, with an investment budget of US$ 267bn to be spent on major project between 2015-2019. With a rising population and growth of demand for healthcare services, Algeria's healthcare sector is one of the fastest growing in the region which has resulted in investment of new healthcare facilities and major hospital projects. Maghreb Health has consolidated the Maghreb Healthcare Project Report, which has all the information on the various projects and investment opportunities in Algeria's healthcare industry.

700 BED UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL IN ALGIERS - US$ 10.48bn (2017-ongoing) - One key part of this effort is the establishment of new university hospital centres (centres hospitalier universitaire, CHUs), with plans to build a further 10 CHUs – in addition to the existing 14 – by 2018. The total cost of this initiative will be $10.48bn according to Lazhar Bounafaâ, director-general of the National Agency of Project Management and Equipment of Health Facilities.

500 BED UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL IN TLEMCEN - US$ 3.7bn (2015-ongoing) - Algeria government has set aside more than US$5 billion, which will be used in construction of ten new hospitals and rehabilitation of others that are in bad condition. This is according to the Algerian minister for health, population and hospital reform Abdelmalek Boudiaf, who said that construction work had already started on the five hospitals, and the tenders for the other five will be announced before end of 2015. Construction work will be undertaken by foreign companies because local companies lack the enough experience in implementing projects with international standards. The companies that won the construction tender include United Kingdom International Hospital Group and a consortium between Rizzani de Eccher an Italian construction company and Ospedale San Raffaele hospital. Rizzani will construct a 700-bed Satawali municipal hospital in Algiers while United will build a 500-bed hospital in Tlemcen. They are expected to cooperate with the government in delivering the project by 2019.

325 BED HOSPITAL IN TOUGGOURT - US$ 55mn (2015-ongoing) - Another 325-bed, $55mn hospital is under construction in Touggourt, while two more hospitals, providing general and specialised care, are also being built in Megarine and Rouissat. Expansion of public health care infrastructure will allow Algeria to boost capacity by 90,000 beds by 2019, a sizeable increase on the 65,000 beds that the government reported in 2013.

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